3 Reasons Why Giving Back Can Help You Grow Your Business

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08 Sep 3 Reasons Why Giving Back Can Help You Grow Your Business

Insurance agents are closely connected to the communities in which they live and work. Whether you work for a small local insurance business or a branch of a large company, establishing ties to your community can be beneficial for your reputation and pipeline. Many top producers partner with local and charitable organizations that provide vital community services. Giving back can be an effective strategy to help you increase your exposure to new prospects, reinforce your relationships with current customers and grow your brand footprint. Social responsibility, corporate philanthropy and general charitable efforts can help you grow your business. According to consumer studies, 85% of consumers have a better outlook on businesses that give back to a charity they care about.

As consumers continue to navigate the evolving conditions of the global pandemic, there is an even greater expectation on businesses to support those in need, and philanthropy comes in many forms. Giving back to the community can be through volunteer opportunities, participation in local events or donations to community groups. Here are three reasons why giving back can help you grow your business.

#1. Build Connections With New Prospects

Participation in community and charitable efforts can help you form new relationships. You may choose to volunteer in-person or sponsor a virtual charity event. Connecting with prospects as a result of your participation immediately establishes common ground between you and your potential clients. Shared interests help prospects develop sentiments of trust and consider you relatable and human. Warm interactions are vital to furthering the sales conversation and ultimately driving conversions.

#2. Establish Recognition Within The Community By Giving Back 

Businesses that partner, volunteer, contribute and engage with local non-profit efforts are often recognized by community residents. Often participation in philanthropic events, especially as a sponsor, comes with branding opportunities also. Adding non-profit events and initiatives to your marketing budget could help drive positive ROI. Your company logo, headshot and contact info paired with community and charity efforts can help you establish and maintain positive brand perception.

#3. Connect With Consumers Who Share Your Values

Actively participating in charitable efforts regularly aligns your business with consumer values. This could be making your office a drop-off point for a local community food or toy drive, or you and your staff could volunteer for a physical event.  More and more consumers are seeking to do business with companies that are doing more to give back. The insurance marketplace is fiercely competitive. Identifying your business with social responsibility efforts can help set you apart and gain the attention of new customers.

Incorporating good deeds into your marketing strategy and budget can help you reap positive brand recognition and establish community trust. During these times of uncertainty and stress, insurance agents should consider adding corporate philanthropy to their business objectives. This has the potential to provide hope and assistance to their neighbors, including current and prospective customers.

If you’re already involved in your local community, ZipQuote can still help extend your reach. The ZipQuote Success team provides its customers with high-quality insurance leads and calls. Contact the experienced team at ZipQuote, today!

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