3 Reasons Internet Leads Are A Pandemic-Friendly Marketing Tactic

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16 Sep 3 Reasons Internet Leads Are A Pandemic-Friendly Marketing Tactic

#1. Internet Leads Are Available, While In-Person Events Are On-Hold Or Limited

Many top producing insurance agents actively participate in their local communities. Historically in-person events have provided insurance agents with the opportunity to connect with new prospects and enhance current client relationships. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders have caused many events to be postponed, canceled or dramatically limited. Internet leads are a marketing tactic that can help you connect with new customers, fill your pipeline and drive conversions. All without experiential activations, sponsorships or promotions.

#2. Consumers Are Spending More Time Online

As a result of the global pandemic,  consumers have increased the amount of time they spend online. With in-person events on hold and a heightened need to stay home, consumers are gravitating online for their daily tasks and needs. In fact, a new report shows that more consumers are also shopping for large purchases online. With consumers spending more time online, they may spend more time researching and servicing their insurance needs. Consumers spending more time at home may not see an insurance agent’s outdoor billboard. But they are more likely to see their ad or find their content online.

#3. Internet Leads Can Easily Transition To A WFH Environment

Like many industries, the insurance market has had to transition away from the office and alter its working environment. Companies that relied on digital marketing strategies pivoted more smoothly from brick-and-mortar offices to remote work. Even as conditions continue to evolve from state to state, most insurance branches are not totally operational with fully-staffed offices. Internet leads can be managed seamlessly, while employees work from home.

The effects of COVID-19 have further accelerated consumer reliance on online tools for insurance needs. As more consumers search for insurance solutions online, they are also more likely to convert and make purchase decisions online. It is crucial that insurance marketers understand the importance of communicating with prospective clients while they seek more information during the earliest stages of the sales funnel.

Now more consumers are proactively submitting inquiries and quote requests online. Insurance agents have an opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of internet leads. ZipQuote can help you target premium consumer traffic anywhere in the country. The experienced ZipQuote team is committed to providing high-quality insurance leads and calls. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. Contact us!


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