3 Easy Ways To Help Insurance Agents Build Trust Over The Phone

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28 Oct 3 Easy Ways To Help Insurance Agents Build Trust Over The Phone

Even though many aspects of insurance shopping and sales process have migrated online, phone conversations are still necessary and relevant. Top insurance producers are able to create sales opportunities by speaking with their clients and prospects over the phone. In fact, mastering phone-based sales tactics is an essential form of communication for insurance agents. A strong sales call can help insurance agents establish connections and build rapport with their current and prospective clients. Building rapport is vital to the sales process, but it is difficult to achieve without gaining understanding and trust.

How To Create An Effective Phone Sales Technique

While positive phone interactions can help drive conversions and client retention, they can be challenging for some agents. One of the obstacles many agents face that hinder success in phone sales is a lack of trust from their prospects. To ensure your phone sales technique is effective, here are three ways insurance agents can build trust over the phone.

1. Make Each Call Personal

While using scripts can be helpful, remember to personalize each call. Avoid sounding robotic or aimlessly reading through a list of pre-written questions. Instead, introduce yourself and start to assign a few simple questions and listen for your contact’s responses. Make each call more personal by using your client’s name and speaking with a smile. By using your client’s name, you start to connect with them and create a rapport. When you smile, your tone often exudes a more positive energy.

2. Practice Active Listening Skills

One mistake insurance agents sometimes make is talking too much during a sales call. Make sure you prioritize listening as well as presenting clear, concise and captivating information. In a recent study by Harvard University, results showed that people tended to like individuals who asked them more questions than those who did not. By asking your contact questions over the phone, you are giving them an opportunity to provide you with helpful details and also are presenting an interest in their situations and needs. Repeat key details back to them to reinforce that you are listening to their concerns.

3. Be Empathetic & Establish An Emotional Connection

Consumers often feel frustrated because they believe their needs and concerns are not being heard. Showing empathy and conveying a deep understanding of your prospects’ needs will help you break down barriers and overcome objections. One way to establish an emotional connection with your prospects is to identify and describe their pain points. By doing this, your contacts will begin to view you as dedicated to understanding their issues and genuinely interested in providing them with solutions. Remember to be relatable and human.

Phone Calls Can Help You Build Stronger Relationships With Your Contacts

Building trust and rapport starts day one and never ends. Phone calls will continue to pose opportunities for insurance agents to drive conversion rates and sustain strong client retention. Practicing strong communication techniques can help you in many aspects of the sales process. By learning how to build trust over the phone, insurance agents will lay the foundation for asking for the sale and producing positive results. Building rapport is often easier when you are working with high-intent prospects. ZipQuote empowers insurance agents to select a series of target regions, demographics, and filters for customized insurance lead campaigns. Click here to learn more about how ZipQuote can help you grow your business. 

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