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08 Sep 3 Common Insurance Agent Struggles – And How ZipQuote Addresses Them

Working online insurance leads shouldn’t be a daily grind. Especially not when it comes to quality, supply and accountability from your vendor. That said, we’re well-aware of the struggles that agents face in the real world, which is why we devote ourselves to helping them overcome those obstacles every day. This week, we’ve outlined three of the most common pain points our specialists hear about and explain how ZipQuote addresses insurance agent struggles.


Acquiring and retaining quality customers is a common struggle. A lot of agents find that the leads they’re sent are “bargain shoppers” looking for the lowest price over quality, rather than people currently looking for a policy tailor-made to suit their needs. The goal for agents is finding loyal, long-term customers, rather than people who are going to leave in six months for another deal.

ZipQuote’s Approach to Retention

ZipQuote provides high-intent auto and home insurance leads that are captured using proprietary advertising technology that verifies intent-to-buy. We don’t use incentives or third parties to generate leads, which significantly reduces the risk of generating poor leads or dead-ends. Our organic approach to measuring consumer behavior puts agents in touch with customers who are actively looking for quality policies. We also have Account Strategists who are there to help when an agent isn’t having success with leads. They can book a 30-40 minute appointment, and a knowledgeable strategist will discuss what problems the agent is seeing, and find a resolution.


The insurance lead market is saturated with vendors that generate bad leads through incentives (iPads, coupons, etc.), cross-selling them to aggregators and diluting the chances every agent has of seeing a return on their investment in the process. This has led to many bad experiences for agents and a general trend of distrust.

ZipQuote’s Approach to Oversaturation

We want to show agents that we are different because of our lead sourcing; by eliminating purchasing leads from other companies, we reduce the amount of recycled and poor-quality leads that are found elsewhere. This alone helps to reduce many of the oversaturation struggles and problems agents are running into.

Customer Service

When working with internet leads, it’s important for agents to know they have a solid support system. Some agents have expressed their dissatisfaction with larger companies since it can be difficult to get the same customer service representative on the phone each time there is an issue. With us, agents typically have the same rep every time they call in, who knows their account history and can build a strong relationship.

ZipQuote’s Approach to Customer Service

Aside from a personal representative, we also provide opportunities for agents to better their practices through videos and webinars. These informative sessions typically have agent guest appearances and provide a series of agent best practices that they can be doing in their agencies, after getting the leads.

There you have it. As a lead provider, we’ve chosen to do business differently, putting the needs of our agents first. Is there a common struggle you’d like a solution to or a topic you’d like to learn more about? Drop us a line via our contact page.

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