Sales Burnout: 10 Cool Tips To Help Avoid Getting Burned

10 cool tips to avoid sales burnout person at their desk defeated

23 Jul Sales Burnout: 10 Cool Tips To Help Avoid Getting Burned

A career in sales can be incredibly fulfilling, however, it can also be stressful and overwhelming at times. When working in high-stress industries, some sales agents experience prolonged states of mental, physical and emotional distress as a result of the high-pressure circumstances. This experience is also known as burnout. The insurance industry is a fast-paced market. The results of COVID-19 have caused many insurance agents to work from home. Many professionals have found working from home allows them to work longer hours more easily. This can lead to sales burnout and burnout can lead to decreased productivity, or cause an agent to want to resign from their role.

Identifying The Symptoms Of Sales Burnout

Engaged sales agents are often the most motivated, productive and profitable. There is a cycle of success, but there can also be a cycle of negativity that can lead to undesired events. You might be thinking, “My job is stressful, but I’m not burnt out.” Hopefully, that is true. Here are some common symptoms of sales burnout:

  • Feelings of extreme fatigue due to a lack of sleep
  • Lacking motivation and deflated enthusiasm
  • Feeling disconnected from work, your colleagues and clients
  • Irritability, feeling of loneliness and emotional malaise
  • Physical pain or discomfort such as headaches, extreme back or neck pain


Tips For Avoiding Insurance Sales Burnout

The most productive insurance agents project positivity and display a friendly demeanor. If you are not feeling your best, it will become difficult for you to connect and form bonds with your prospects and customers. No matter how strategic or advanced your tools are, if you do not take care of your mind and health, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. Consider these 10 tips to avoid burnout:

  1. Set a schedule, and keep to it.
  2. Remember to hydrate and take scheduled breaks throughout the work day.
  3. Find time in the morning or evening to exercise.
  4. Avoid under- or over-eating and maintain a healthy diet.
  5. Shut off your devices including laptop, phone and TV at least one hour before bed.
  6. Create time pockets in your day for organizing your messages to avoid feeling overwhelmed with inbox overload.
  7. Establish your ideal morning routine. Whether that means extra time to enjoy a cup of coffee, read your favorite newsletters or eat breakfast, design a morning routine that gets you feeling motivated.
  8. Create a daily to-do list and try to tackle your hardest task first.
  9. Communicate your needs with your team. If you are struggling, need assistance or simply need help determining how to handle a client matter, connect with your team members and discuss the issue.
  10. Make time to be present and enjoy your personal life. Whether it is in-person or online, staying connected to your family and friends is important for maintaining feelings of happiness and can help you reduce stress levels and avoid feeling lonely.


Seeking Sales Inspiration?

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