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The Agent-Centric Approach to Lead Generation

ZipQuote transformed the insurance industry by putting agents first.

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High Intent Leads

Convert your digital prospecting efforts into more written policies with a consistent supply of high-intent leads. ZipQuote captures consumers at the peak of their intent to get a quote by using proprietary consumer-behavior modeling, predictive analytics, and advertising technology. Why do you care? Our steady flow of high-intent leads allows you to spend more time writing policies and less time searching for prospects.

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Streamlined Lead Management Platform

Optimize your lead buying with this user-friendly platform. Thousands of agents told us what they wanted, and we listened. ZipQuote Exchange allows you to create an account, filter leads, automate ordering, return leads easily, measure performance in real time, and integrate with your preferred CRM system. It’s open 24/7.

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Beyond Customer Service

Achieve your business goals in an ever-changing industry with support from our Expert Advice Team, dedicated exclusively to your success. Thanks to ZipQuote’s tenured Expert Advice Team we have sustained a long-standing position as the insurance industry’s top-ranked internal lead generator, delivering one-on-one industry insights and strategic advice.

Top Agents Leave Their Digital Marketing to the Experts

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Advice for Insurance Agents: How To Ensure A Good Return

If you’re in insurance sales, you understand insurance is one of the most difficult things in the world to sell. It’s expensive, and yet it’s intangible – they can’t see it or touch it. They can’t even use it until disaster strikes, and fear of......

Call Transfer Service – Skipping to the Front of the Line

For an insurance agent trying to write policies, timing is everything. At one point or another, all agents have experienced the frustration of wasting valuable hours making cold calls to consumers who aren’t interested in a quote, or who won’t even take the time to......