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  • The leads that we receive from ZipQuote are generally “good leads”. We do actually get to speak with a person when we call back. A lot of companies that we have dealt with in the past have given us leads that are not really leads.

    Ronnie Whitehead, State Farm
  • I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of your leads to date. Your quality ratio is the best I have ever experienced (about 2- 3 times better than the other vendors). Thank you for providing me the lead flow and quality that you promised and I look forward to a long lasting business relationship

    Rodrigo Menendez, State Farm
  • The lead quality is better than most, my conversion rates are high. I'm always giving referrals because your sales and support team are great to work with. I'm very happy; it's not something I'm going to cancel anytime soon.

    Brandon Jones, Nationwide
  • Good customer service that's for sure. Quick response from interested prospects and it allows you to market to a vast area without spending a lot of money. I would definitely recommend ZipQuote for growing a new business.

    Matt McClain, Nationwide

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  • 5 Tips To Make the Most of Your Internet Leads


    5 Tips To Make the Most of Your Internet Leads

    There are a few guidelines that should be considered when working internet leads as opposed to more traditional forms of marketing. The characteristics of internet consumers are constantly evolving. Whether they are price shoppers or looking to set up a long-term business relationship, internet leads are only as good as the person who works them. It is a common misconception that the information on leads must be perfect in order to sell them. We know that some leads may sell on the first call and some may take months. To fully utilize our leads you’ll want to follow the below ...

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  • The Simple Tactic Your Lead Gen Strategy is Lacking: The Power of Text.


    The Simple Tactic Your Lead Gen Strategy is Lacking: The Power of Text.

    In recent history, technology within the online lead generation industry has seen its fair share of improvements. We have witnessed the rise of warm transfers, click-to-call, raters, quoting systems, and a myriad of lead management systems. Though proven to increase the success of working internet leads, there still remains a simple, cost-effective alternative currently underutilized. The number one rule of sales is to know your audience. Internet consumers are looking for something fast, easy, and at the tip of their fingers. Ergo, text messaging may be one of the best tactics to connect ...

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  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Best CRMs in the Industry


    Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Best CRMs in the Industry

    The sales landscape for insurance customers has never been so competitive. When working insurance leads, you are not only pitting yourself against the rates of the other agents but their ability to get to the leads before you. Speed kills, and the quicker you are to contacting a consumer, the more likely you are to close a sale. Your success with internet leads depends on your ability to outperform your competitors in managing your leads. Throw conventional forms of working leads out the window. By now, most people know that you need to call internet leads immediately, send follow-up ...

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  • Internet Leads: Make Them Work For You


    Internet Leads: Make Them Work For You

    Once you have your lead, what you do with it makes all the difference. It all comes down to not only how you respond, but when as well. Having responded, you then need to follow up, but there are still things you should know. This infographic will give you the know-how you need to turn those leads into qualified customers.

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